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Being a Mommy isn’t easy so the least we can do is get SNATCHED!

Being a Mommy isn’t easy so the least we can do is get SNATCHED!
Okay so, here’s a little bit more about the CEO and how she got started on this amazing journey!...After having two C sections, the elasticity of my midsection was pretty much non existent. Gaining the extra skin, the deformed belly button, Diastasis Recti (seperation of abdominal muscles), and a road map of stretch marks, I knew something had to be done! Working out was good for me but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted, even with consistency. The slowest area to respond was my midsection. Go figure! At the time I was a dance fitness instructor and all of my clients felt a product to add with the service would be great! After a couple months of research I started my own fitness product line, WeightDRIP. Our Slimming Belts are extremely comfortable but yet effective. Snatching that waist and heating up the slow to respond areas to activate the WeightDRIP Slimming Cream which causes the midsection to naturally detox and cinch in. We also have the Slimming Tea to help with excessive bloating and constipation, being that most women suffer from those conditions after childbirth or poor diet and exercise. This is the most confidence I’ve had since having my 10yr old. My waist is smaller, I can wear sexy dresses, I don’t feel extremely bloated and insecure anymore. A woman can’t be her greatest if she’s sluggish, has a lack of energy or unbalanced moods which is why we also have Apple Cider Vinegar gummies on the way with, “THE MOTHER”. The ACV gummies will provide healthy bacteria, along with other great benefits aiding weight loss and control. We have a host of other products like: booty plumper resistance bands, arm and thigh slimmer belts, etc. We also have a few more products on the way as we continue to provide amazing products for women to help tone, lose,  and shape the body while boosting the confidence of each DRIPBae, one inch at a time. We work hard daily to make sure we can make life and being a woman of fitness after and before childbirth as stress free as possible. We welcome you on this journey as a future or current DRIPBae with open arms. Hey sis!

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